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Select study carpet tips

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If indoor wheelchair, stroller and other rubber tire vehicle regular activities, should choose not afraid of pressure, easy to clean synthetic fiber woven carpet.
 2 As larger flow of people carpeted room, you should choose high pile quality, greater density, and wear-resistant tufted pile carpet.
 Three pairs of families with young children, should choose corrosion, pollution, easy to clean, color darker synthetic fiber woven carpets.
 Look choose carpet patterns and patterns
 A plain single color carpet, and generally do not have a border decoration. More suitable for modern style living room use, giving a subtle and calm atmosphere of the room.
 B squandering much carpet decorated with large flower theme, and with vines curly grass, create a timeless sense of even cause the screen. More suitable for the living room so spacious and more complex arrangement of space.
 C Array carpet with geometric patterns based, and certain geometric network layout. Brilliant shades of color pigment can be. Generally more suitable for the home environment more stylish, and now, with the mix of classical bedroom has become a new trend match.
 D rug from classical composition point of view, a variety of cultural backgrounds have followed the traditional carpet design center diverging composition principles. That often choose the geometric center of the carpet as a key decorative pattern, and then the edge position Crochet decorated, and some will do it at the border between the central layer and decorative patterns. Because of its complicated design, rich colors, with highly decorative, so much as tapestries to decorate the walls.


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