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Avoid full house carpet

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Carpet decorative effect is very good, but also great ills, many families who have paved feelings: first, carpet maintenance will be very troublesome. Cleanup need professional appliance or specialized company to clean, easy to stick if the family pet hair and more difficult to clean, long-term sun exposure areas will fade; the second, in the southern humid areas, carpet also easy protozoa, if long-term clean up properly, but also mites likely to cause infection; and third, the whole Wall also some inconvenience, such as a guest to not changing his shoes, ah, we need to roll up the carpet, leaving a place to walk. Also, the whole house carpet there is a certain risk, if there is fire, it is easy to cause a fire.
    If you must shop, do not recommend laying the whole house can be covered by a rug in the center of the living room or bedroom area, etc., if the cleaning is not convenient, direct send large dry cleaner, you also do not need to be close together; the best to their homes Prepare carpet cleaning machines, every few months or six months cleaning.
    If you do not like the family feeling of cold, grainy style tiles, wooden floors or directly shop, it is a good choice. Tiles good clean up, but also give the family brings a bright sense, it is the preferred living room lights in public areas; wood composite or laminate flooring is also easy to take care of the class, if you have your baby at home, afraid to bump.


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