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Carpet conservation knowledge

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Proper conservation carpets, carpet helps maintain long-term original suede appearance, prolong carpet life. Regularly clean the carpet in favor of clean indoor air, reduce pollution of tangible or intangible. Commercial carpet in public places will be based on the size of the different environments, the flow of people, the development of carpet maintenance system, routine maintenance by professionals.
    Family carpet on conservation and clean-up should be based conservation, conservation is a system of preventive maintenance to maintain the carpet, often in an efficient vacuum cleaner on the carpet to clean supplemented, clean carpet stains caused by chance.
    Dirty carpet gradually make the main reasons is that people brought stampede outdoor dust and dirt, and therefore outside the room reasonably have the effect of dust laying in front of the pad, is good preventive measures, and performed in front of the mat regular cleaning, can effectively reduce the pollution source of pollution on the carpet. In addition to the regular use of a vacuum cleaner, to maximize the removal of carpet dust and reduce indoor dust and maintain good indoor air quality. General household carpeting, people circulation is not great, it is recommended at least once a week room cleaning. Living room, hallways, etc., preferably once daily vacuuming. Conditional year to hire professional services sector Ejector use carpet cleaning equipment cleaning time, the effect will be better.


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