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How to choose the mechanism carpet

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 Modern pursuit of quality of life, quality of life, may mean that there is a high-quality warm home, if there is a fun taste of home, family and ultimately, in harmony with the overall style of personalized art of carpet. Carpets wide variety of colors, they may have a different style, performance, Han Yun also different production costs, the formation of different prices on the market stalls, hoping to introduce the following points can be helpful for you to buy the carpet.
    1. woven carpets (including Axminster and Wilton): The main use of carpet weaving, warp knitting yarn formed by tufted pile. Woven carpet pile fine, delicate patterns, is a mechanism of high-grade carpet products, raw materials used are wool, nylon, blended, polypropylene and the like.
    2. acupuncture carpet: the whole row of needle jabs fork fluff into a mat, and then hot-melt adhesive blanket or mat of the carpet backing, is a non-woven fabric. More use of polypropylene fibers, high yield, is the mechanism carpet in low-end products, commonly used in offices, exhibition and other places short of the replacement cycle,
    3. tufted carpet: Use row cashmere yarn needle tufting machine will stab Ruji Bu, a U-shaped tufts, and then in the back coating, adhesive backing. Such carpet high yield, versatile, affordable, belong to popular mid-range mechanism carpet. Fiber pile yarns used are generally polypropylene, and nylon, wool, polyester and blended.
    4. Tile Carpet: Multi-use tufted carpet, the subsequent processing cut 50 * 50cm square or other sizes small square blanket block laying and then spliced ​​into the carpet, because of the laying of the advantages of easy to replace, and more for Laying office. Blanket use nylon or polypropylene fiber and more.
    5. bathroom rug, mat: laying in a bathroom or places associated with carpet pad, with good slip resistance and water resistance, and should be mildew, antibacterial sanitary processing.


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